[cifs-protocol] [REG:116053014225794] UF_SMARTCARD_REQUIRED and supplementalCredentials

Edgar Olougouna edgaro at microsoft.com
Mon May 30 19:50:09 UTC 2016

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Hi Metze, 

We have created the case number 116053014225794 for this inquiry. One of our engineers will follow-up with you soon.


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Subject: UF_SMARTCARD_REQUIRED and supplementalCredentials

Hi DocHelp,

while researching the UF_SMARTCARD_REQUIRED behavior, I found that the supplementalCredentials attribute is not removed as specified in MS-SAMR userAccountControl.

Instead a USER_PROPERTIES structure is stored without any UserProperties (variable) part.

The strange thing is that the PropertyCount element is also skipped instead of being 0.

Can you specify the expected behavior?

Is it always the case that PropertyCount is skipped if it would be 0?


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