[cifs-protocol] [REG:115052112759051] Samba 4.1 classic (nt4-like) support as a DC to Windows 10

Edgar Olougouna edgaro at microsoft.com
Fri May 22 15:27:18 MDT 2015

QUESTION: What is the meaning of nt4-like in "Samba 4.1 classic (nt4-like) support as a DC"? is there any "equivalent"  Windows SKU?
Typically we would collect TTT of LSA and debug. Since Win 10 is a development build, I'd like to see whether we can repro this in house and take a look.
Could you describe how to configure the environment and the repro steps? 
How to setup the Samba 4.1 classic (nt4-like) DC.
Where to get the Linux flavor and how install the Samba DC.
NOTE: I will be using Hyper-V. 


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Hi Andrew,

> As discussed with Darryl at lunch today :-)
> Denis and Vincent report that testing of Samba 4.1 as a classic
> (NT4-like) DC to a Windows 10 client does join / log on to the domain.

Should that be 'does NOT join / logon' ?

Maybe that's the confusion here...


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