[cifs-protocol] Samba 4.1 classic (nt4-like) support as a DC to Windows 10

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu May 21 06:23:24 MDT 2015


As discussed with Darryl at lunch today :-)

Denis and Vincent report that testing of Samba 4.1 as a classic
(NT4-like) DC to a Windows 10 client does join / log on to the domain.

Vincet and Denis can confirm the exact client/server versions tested,
and I'll continue to work with them to validate, but this ticket is to
request an initial investigation at Microsoft to understand if this has
been intentionally/unintentionally removed, and if it can be restored.  

That will in turn allow us to help inform our users that wish to migrate
to Windows 10.


Andrew Bartlett

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