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Hello Douglas,
                         Thank you for your inquiry about MS-ADTS specification. We have created incident 115051412733033 to track the investigation for this issue. One of the Open specifications team member will contact you shortly.

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In a couple of places in MS-ADTS (connection translation), the uuidDsa attribute of a repsFrom tuple is used as a "GUID-based DNS name". In other places it is just a GUID.

The "GUID-based DNS name" phrase occurs in this bit, on page 584 of

   * If s and the local DC's nTDSDSA object are in the same site,
     cn!transportType has no value, or the RDN of cn!transportType is

        * Bit DRS_MAIL_REP in t.replicaFlags is clear.
        * t.uuidTransport = NULL GUID.
        * t.uuidDsa = The GUID-based DNS name of s.

    * Otherwise:

        * Bit DRS_MAIL_REP in t.replicaFlags is set.
        * If x is the object with dsname cn!transportType,
          t.uuidTransport = x!objectGUID.
        * Let a be the attribute identified by
           x!transportAddressAttribute. If a is the dNSHostName
           attribute, t.uuidDsa = the GUID-based DNS name of s.
           Otherwise, t.uuidDsa = (s!parent)!a.

That last phrase ("t.uuidDsa = (s!parent)!a") also refers to a DNS name.

Should we assume these mean something like "the GUID corresponding to the GUID-based DNS name"? Or is it never actually a GUID? Or does this really involve some other attribute of t other than uuidDsa?


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