[cifs-protocol] Unused lists in Create Connection

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Jul 9 23:46:57 UTC 2015

hi Dochelp,

[I'm resending because I got the cifs-protocol CC wrong the first time].

The CreateConnection function in MS-ADTS says:

    LET rbhsAvail be the result of GetAllBridgeheadDCs(rsiteGuid, cr,
    t, partialReplicaOkay, detectFailedDCs)


    LET lbhsAvail be the result of GetAllBridgeheadDCs(lsiteGuid, cr,
    t, partialReplicaOkay, detectFailedDCs)

but it never uses either of these lists. Should it do so? Or do these
calls to GetAllBridgeheadDCs() have some useful side effect that I
haven't understood?


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