[cifs-protocol] [REG: 115022012423941] connecting MS-DRSR IDL_DRSReplicaSync and ReplicateNCRequestMsg

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Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your request. Case number 115022012423941 has been created for this inquiry. One of our team members will follow up with you soon.

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Subject: connecting MS-DRSR IDL_DRSReplicaSync and ReplicateNCRequestMsg

MS-DRSR 4.1.23 IDL_DRSReplicaSync has some great pseudo-code in Server Behavior of the IDL_DRSReplicaSync Method.  However, it finishes with this text statement:

Perform a replication cycle as a client of IDL_DRSGetNCChanges. to form the first request and send it. If not DRS_MAIL_REP in r.options, then wait for the response, process it, send the next request (section, etc., until the replication cycle is complete.

This is great, but I need to know what parameters are passed in to ReplicateNCRequestMsg

In particular, I'm trying to chase down an issue in our RODC case, where the SPECIAL_SECRETS_PROCESSING flag isn't being sent by our RODC to GetNCChanges.  I know how I *could* force it, but I don't know if it should always be forced, for example.  For example, should the server sending DsReplicaSync tell the RODC to request it, or should the RODC add it (and remove WRIT_REP) on it's own? 


Andrew Bartlett

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