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Hello Chris,
                    Thank you for your inquiry about file sharing protocols. We have created incident 113111510952353 to track the investigation for this issue. One of the Open specifications team member will contact you shortly.

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Dear Dochelp:

In [MS-SMB2], sections and both describe the Command field in the SMB2 header, and both give a complete list of all SMB2 commands.

Reading section 2.2.1, however, it seems that only the SMB2_CANCEL command uses the ASYNC header format, and that all others use the SYNC format.  If that interpretation is correct, then...

* In section, only SMB2_CANCEL should be listed as a valid command
   for the Command field.

* In section, SMB2_CANCEL should be excluded from the list of
   valid SYNC-format requests.

* Section 2.2.30 should indicate that the ASYNC header should be used
   instead of the SYNC header.

Am I misinterpreting the information in 2.2.1?  Please clarify the circumstances under which the ASYNC header format is used, vs. the SYNC format.


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