[cifs-protocol] 回复: is it possible to rename a dfs referral target from client?

James Pan jmpret at yahoo.cn
Wed Nov 21 19:27:22 MST 2012

I captured the samba requests and responds and the result reveals that:
If the referal target is on a different host of the referral link, the client will issue CREATE_ANDX request with create options = 0x00200044 (i.e. try to open the path as a regular file) but as"abc" is a directory the server responds with STATUS_FILE_IS_A_DIRECTORY. that's why the rename request to \\\dfsroot\link2 will fail.

But if the referral target is on the same host as the referral link, the CREATE_ANDX request options will be 0x0200000 and this request will succeed and then in trun the rename of \\\dfsroot\link1 will succeed.
Does anyone know why the client will issue CREATE_ANDX with options = 0x00200044 for the first case?

Best regards,

James Pan

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主题: is it possible to rename a dfs referral target from client?
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Hi everyone,
Sorry for bothering.
I have two servers (, running samba. is configured as dfs root, the smb.conf file is as below:
path = /mnt/dfsroot
msdfs root = yes
then under /mnt/dfsroot on I created a dir "abc" and two links:
link1 --> msdfs:\\\dfsroot\abc
link2 --> msdfs:\\\dfsroot\abc
I also created the same dir "abc" on
So if I visit \\\dfsroot\link1 or \\\dfsroot\link2 it will be refered to \\\dfsroot\abc and \\\dfsroot\abc respectively.
Now I find I can successfully change the name of dir "abc" on by renaming \\\dfsroot\link1, after rename the dir "abc" will have the new name. But if I tried to rename \\\dfsroot\link2, the request will be refused.
My question is: is it possible to rename the dir "abc" on through \\\dfsroot\link2 ?
many thanks in advance!
Best regards,

James Pan
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