[cifs-protocol] [REG: 112053052848843] Errors in [MS-CIFS] relating to Process Exit.

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[Added case number in subject]

Thanks for reporting this issue. I have created a case number 112053052848843 on this. One of our engineers will review this and open a document bug as appropriate.


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Dear Dochelp,

Please see:

The first paragraph reads:
  This is an original Core Protocol command. This command is obsolescent.
  It was declared obsolete in the LAN Manager 1.0 dialect (see [SMB-LM1X])
  but continues to be included in later documentation. [MS-CIFS] lists this
  command as obsolescent, and that designation is retained here.

In the above paragraph, the recursive reference to [MS-CIFS] is incorrect.
It should say [CIFS], which is the Leach/Naik IETF draft.  That is the document that declared SMB_COM_PROCESS_EXIT to be obsolescent.  (It is listed in section 5, under "Obsolescent SMB Requests".)

In my original submission, the reference is correctly given as [CIFS], not [MS-CIFS], so it has been changed.  Please check for similar changes as they are likely to be errors as well.  The [CIFS] document is and was an important informational reference.

Also, please see:

The table at the bottom has a column for POSIX Equivalent, but Tom Talpey let me know that the POSIX Equivalent error codes were removed from the document, so there should be no such column there.


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