[cifs-protocol] [REG: 112080853508014] SMB3 channel sequence questions. When is Open.OutstandingPreRequestCount supposed to be decremented or reset

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Aug 21 01:23:40 MDT 2012

Hi Edgar,

> Regarding “when should the server decrement OutstandingPreRequestCount or OutstandingRequestCount”, the following logic will be reflected in a future release of the MS-SMB2 document. This occurs during post processing check of the ChannelSequence.
>   Sending Any Outgoing Message
> Unless specifically noted in a subsequent section, the following logic MUST be applied to any response message being sent from the server to the client. 
> •         For every outgoing message, the server MUST calculate the total number of bytes in the message and update the values of ServerStatistics.sts0_bytessent_low and ServerStatistics.sts0_bytessent_high.
> •         For a command request that includes a FileId, if Connection.Dialect is “3.000” and ChannelSequence in the request is less than Open.ChannelSequence, the server MUST decrement Open.OutstandingPreRequestCount by 1. If ChannelSequence in the request is not less than Open.ChannelSequence, the server MUST decrement Open.OutstandingRequestCount by 1.



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