[cifs-protocol] Precisions for FRSRPC

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Fri Sep 2 17:12:56 MDT 2011

Hello Dochelp,

In paragraph " DATA_EXTENSION_RETRY_TIMEOUT" we have information 
about FirstTryTime and Count related to REMOTE_CO command, but it seems 
that it's not explained how the client should use this information nor 
when the server should increase the Count attribute.

In paragraph " NTFRS Replica Set Object" msFRS-Topology-Pref: 
Attribute not used by FRS. It seems that it's as when you create a 
replication of a DFS replica this attribute is set and changing the 
value in the interface has changed the value stored in the AD database.
Does this mean that what ever the topology is set to the replication 
scheme is always the same ? If so can you clarify it or point me to the 
place of the documentation where it's specified ? Is it the same for FRS 
replication of DFS replica and for SYSVOL ?

The documentation didn't explain very well or I didn't understand how to 
find the parent of a replicated object, after my investigation it seems 
that the objectGUID of replicated object is the same on all the replica 
and a downstream partner use this information when it needs to compare 2 
files/folders for modifications or when it needs to find where to 
store/change/delete a file or folder.
It seems also that for the sysvol replica, it's the GUID of the NTDS 
object that is used as GUID of the frsRootPath.
Can you confirm or precise the correct information about this ?


Matthieu Patou
Samba Teamhttp://samba.org
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