[cifs-protocol] data checksum value in FRS

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Hi Matthieu,

Thanks for your question.

Someone on our team will follow up with you shortly.



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Hello Dochelp,

Paragraph of MS-FRS1 indiciate about the data checksum:

Data: MUST be a 128-bit MD5 digest of staging file and attributes, as specified in [RFC1321].
See section for how the MD5 digest is constructed on a staging file and attributes.

Section didn't bring much more information, but it seems while looking at a replication (initial + regular) between 2 DCs that the checksum attribute is sometime omitted (it's 16 null bytes).

Like in packet 3286 in the attached trace.

At the opposite in packet 5300 we have a non null checksum, can you explain in which case the checksum can or must be null ?

The trace is attached to this email.



Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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