[cifs-protocol] [REG:111051857287367] BranchCache and SMB2: Questions specific to BranchCache.

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I am actively working on this with the product team to clarify a few more points. I will update you as soon as possible.


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I am just checking in on this ticket.  I understand that the resolution to these issues can take some time, but I want to test my implementation at the FileSharing Plugfest in a few weeks time.  Having the answers would help me complete my testing implementation.


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Obaid Farooqi wrote:
> Hi Chris:
> Thank you for contacting Microsoft regarding your query on branch cache. A member of the protocol documentation team will be in touch soon.
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> I have a couple of questions regarding BranchCache and [MS-PCCRC].  As you know, BranchCache--particularly the Content Information format specified in [MS-PCCRC]--can be used as an extension to SMB2.
> 1) In the Content Information structure ([MS-PCCRC:2.3]), there is the
>    following field definition:
>    dwOffsetInFirstSegment (4 bytes): Number of bytes into the first
>      segment within the Content Information data structure at which
>      the content range begins.
>    I can't make heads nor tails of that description, and the captures I
>    have done on the wire typically show that field set to zero.
>    Similarly, the examples in section 3 of [MS-PCCRC] show the value of
>    this field to be zero.
>    The field is 4 bytes in length, so it cannot be an offset into the
>    content itself, since content offsets are (should be) 8 bytes (64-bit).
>    Please clarify:  What does dwOffsetInFirstSegment actually represent?
> 2) I am not getting what I expect in the dwReadBytesInLastSegment field.
>    This field is defined in [MS-PCCRC:2.3], as follows:
>    dwReadBytesInLastSegment (4 bytes): Total number of bytes of the
>      content range which lie within the final segment in the Content
>      Information data structure.
>    It seems to me that this value represents the number of bytes
>    of actual content included in the calculation of the final
>    Segment block of the Content Information.  That interpretation
>    is supported by the examples in section 3.
>    In actual captures, however, Windows IIS server returns zero
>    (0x00000000) in the dwReadBytesInLastSegment field.
>    Is this a documentation bug or is the IIS server returning the
>    wrong value?
>    This is IIS running on W2K8r2 with fairly up-to-date patches
>    applied.
> Looking forward to the replies.
> Thanks.
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