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   The UserParameters attribute was documented in 2.345  MS-ADA3.  It is defined as a Unicode string as below:
    " This attribute specifies parameters of the user. Points to a Unicode string that is set aside for use by 
applications. This string can be a null string, or it can have any number of characters before the 
terminating null character. Terminal servers use this attribute to store session configuration data for 
the user. For more information, see [MS-TSTS]."
    As per MD-GLOS , throughout the protocol document,  unless otherwise specified ,  an Unicode string follows the UTF-
16LE encoding scheme with no Byte Order Mark (BOM).   so it is not documented as UTF8 Unicode string.

   But  I am wondering if it matters what kind of Unicode encoding (utf8 vs utf16)  is used.    The structure layout of this attribute is documented in 2.3.1 MS-TSTS.  It is just a BLOB interpreted by the Terminal Service , not a  null terminated Unicode string.    We may be not correct to define the attribute as a Unicode string (attributeSyntax: ) in 2.345 MS-ADA3.    I will  file a request to check with the product team. 

  Let me know if it makes sense.



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  I will check it and let you know.



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Am 23.05.2011 05:50, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> On Mon, 2010-06-21 at 22:54 +0000, Hongwei Sun wrote:
>> Andrew,
>>   Sorry about the delay to give you a confirmation.  We have been spending time to review the usage of UserParameters in other Windows components based on the information you provided.   We found that this attribute is indeed still used by at least one other Microsoft product, such as RAS Server.  The related product team is working on this to find how to document it.  During my vacation, I will ask one of my team member (Obaid) to monitor the progress and send you the update when it is available.
> Out of pure curiosity, did this ever turn into documentation?

BTW: is it documented that the userParameters attribute is stored as
utf8 string, while
the samr interface uses UTF16? See
(I haven't uploaded examples, but I plan to do so in the next weeks)


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