[cifs-protocol] [REG:111051857287367] BranchCache and SMB2: Questions specific to BranchCache.

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Thanks for providing the traces and detailed information. I will follow-up as soon I have an update.


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I have not heard back on you you prefer to receive capture files, so I am attaching the two captures to this e'mail.

Capture BranchCache-WinFourth-Web.cap shows what happens when IE8 requests a peerdist-encoded file from an IIS server running on W2K8r2.  In this case, the content is already cached by other Win7 clients on the local LAN.  Frame
#9 contains the Content Information.

My copy of Wireshark does not have a parser for Peerdist responses, which is why I created the analysis by hand.

Capture BranchCache-CRHTest-Web.cap shows my test environment.  Frame #8 has the Peerdist response.  Note that the client is Firefox, which does not
(yet) support Peerdist encoding.  As a result, my test program on the server side ignores the HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING header and sends a Peerdist response anyway.

My test capture is really irrelevant.  The question has more to do with the content returned by IIS.  I expect the *dwReadBytesInLastSegment* field to include a count of the number of content bytes represented in the last segment.  Instead, I always get zero.

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