[cifs-protocol] SMB1 maximum packet size with signing enabled

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I've been doing some testing with signing enabled and have found that
win2k8 seems to consistently return STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED whenever I send it a SMB that's larger than 16704 bytes. It seems to have no issue with larger sized SMBs when signing is disabled.

It seems sort of like a protocol violation since the NEGOTIATE response from the server has the CAP_LARGE_READX and WRITEX bits set. It's possible though that I've missed something in the spec.

In any case, my questions:

1) is this a known limitation in windows, or a bug?

2) is this common to all (most?) versions of windows?

3) is there some way we can detect what the server's limit is in this situation?

Thanks and let me know if you need clarification on these questions,
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