[cifs-protocol] [MS-NRPC] Problem encrypting data when use AES based Netlogon SChannel

Moh Yen Liew mohyen.liew at wesoft.com
Wed Jul 13 04:05:57 MDT 2011

Hi Metze/Mike:
	Finally, I get the AES-based schannel working with windows 2008r2 domain now, thank you for your clue and help! 

	The [MS-NRPC].pdf have following incorrect and misleading information:  
 	1.  The spec (section step 8) did not clearly mention how to construct the initialization vector for data encryption. 
	      The correct ivec to use in encrypting the data is 
		seqNum + encrypted(confounder)  
	2. When AES encryption type is negotiated, the auth signature to use is NL_AUTH_SHA2_SIGNATURE (which confounder offset=48), as mentioned in section  
	     However, one have to put the confounder at offset=24, which is same offset as NL_AUTH_SIGNATURE.  

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>    According to MS-NRPC pg 111, bit 17 (indicated as  bit R) of  negotiable flag is actually referring to  "supports the NetrServerPasswordSet2 functionality".  
> In the packet trace that attached earlier, I had successfully negotiated the session key (from pkt 519-523) with the DC using unprotected RPC and established the SChannel.    
> However, when sending the encrypted message (encrypted with AES-key derived from the session key) over Schannel to DC, DC   responded with DCE RPC fault with error = 0x00000721. 
> And,  I also tried to use the initialization vector constructed using the last block (size=8 bytes) of the encrypted Confounder field, same error code returned from DC. 
> There's no problem if only integrity is negotiated.   
> So, I suppose the ivec mentioned in the MS-NRPC spec  to encrypt the message might not correct  ?   

Take a look at this branch, it contains working code, at least it worked
a year ago against w2k8r2.

Maybe that helps.

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