[cifs-protocol] [REG: 111070650721347] Behavior of AllowNT4Crypto

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The AllowNT4Crypto parameter controls whether NT4 crypto, i.e. DES algorithm, is allowed. The default value is false.
The RequireStrongKey (NegotiateFlags Bit O - Supports strong keys) was introduced in Windows 2000 and enables the computation of a 128 session key (so-called strong key) by using MD5. The strong key usually refers to the combination of MD5 and RC4.
AES/SHA2 support is introduced in Windows 2008 R2, and is labeled by the NegotiateFlags  Bit W, as documented in MS-NRPC
When set to true, the AllowNT4Crypto allows session negotiation which does not have the STRONG_KEY bit set (NegotiateFlags Bit O). If AllowNT4Crypto is false and STRONG_KEY bit is not set, the server fails the session-key negotiation and returns STATUS_DOWNGRADE_DETECTED.
Note that the use of AllowNT4Crypto might have issue with some implementation that went directly to AES without going through RC4. There is an additional RejectMD5Clients registry key (ref. MS-NRPC 3.5.1, and, Windows 7 / 2008 R2), which will not allow even RC4/MD5 based negotiation to occur, and restricts it only to AES/SHA cryptosystem.
The product team will be reflecting this description in the MS-NRPC document.
Related KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942564


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I am taking care of this. I have opened a document issue on MS-NRPC. I will follow-up as soon as I have news.


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Hi Stefan, thank you for your question. A member of the protocol documentation team will be in touch with you soon.

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can you please document the behavior that is triggered by the following parameter.



I can't find this in MS-NRPC.

Is there any interaction with the RequireStrongKey parameter?


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