[cifs-protocol] [REG:111063044753520] Unable to dcpromo windows with a Samba4 DC

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Wed Jul 6 10:30:39 MDT 2011

Hi Hongwei,

So we had a couple of issues that I'm sure had an impact:

* schemaguid on some attribute were duplicated
* ntmixed was not coherent among the different NC and not coherent with 
the MsDS-Beahvior-version
* replicated metadata for the root NC was incomplete

All of this have its roots in using a quite old provision of Samba4.

The first 2 points were quite easy to identify (the first one resulted 
as an error in the event log, the second one was spotted by an analysis 
of differences in attributes). The third one has been more complicated 
has I had to find which partition was causing the problem, and then 
narrow the search.

I was suspecting a problem in the metadata but as most objects (all but 
one ?) have a correct  metadata it took me tries to transplant objects 
and metadata from the problematic partition to a known OK.

I have a couple of more tests to do but I'm now confident that this 
issue could be closed soon.



On 30/06/2011 20:31, Hongwei Sun wrote:
> Matthieu,
>     When the process being trace exits , the trace file will be saved.  So in your case, when you see the error message and you fail to login, do a reboot so the lsass process will exit during reboot.   Once rebooted,  you can then  get the trace file generated from the machine.
> Hongwei
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> Hi Hongwei,
>> Moving dochelp to bcc
>> Hi, Matthieu,
>>      The following is the instruction:
>>       1.     Run "TTTracer -persistent lsass.exe".
>>             This will trace lsass.exe each time it starts until you run "TTTracer -delete lsass.exe".
>>      2. Reboot machine, lsass trace will start automatically.
>>      3.  Run "TTTracer -stop all"  to stop all tracing on my system.  Trace files are written to the disk.
> Will tttracer put trace on disk on reboot in anycase ? because the issue is that the windows server can't really boot in normal mode. On 2003 I've got a popup saying that the lsass.exe had a problem but then no more information and also I'm unable to log in.
> Matthieu.

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