[cifs-protocol] [REG:111120724281237] SMB2 ProcessId header field for SYNC messages.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
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Thanks.  I will note that the paragraph in question is also present in the
[SMB2-Preview] document that includes SMB2.2.

Looking forward to your response!

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Obaid Farooqi wrote:
> Hi Chris:
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> Subject: SMB2 ProcessId header field for SYNC messages.
> Dochelp,
> Hi.
> The SYNC version of the SMB2 message header has a ProcessId field, which is described in [MS-SMB2] v20110920, section, pg30, as
> follows:
> ProcessId (4 bytes): The client-side identification of the process that
>   issued the request. The client MUST set this field to 0xFEFF. The server
>   MUST set this field to the ProcessId value received in the corresponding
>   request, if any, or to 0 otherwise. The client MUST ignore this field on
>   receipt.
> That description, of course, makes no sense to me at all.  Sorry.
>   * The field is 4 bytes, but 0xFEFF is two bytes.  Does the doc mean
>     0x0000FEFF or 0xFEFF0000 or something else?
>   * If the client "MUST" set the field to 0xFEFF, then the value is
>     meaningless since it is always the same.  If it is always the same 
>     value, then it cannot identify the process that issued the request.
>   * If the server "MUST" set this field to the value in the corresponding
>     request, then surely the client "MUST" be able to set the field to 
>     something other than 0xFEFF.
>   * When compsing the response, how could there not be a value in the
>     corresponding request?  The only way I can imagine is that the request 
>     was sent as an ASYNC request (no ProcessId field) and the server is 
>     sending a SYNC response.  Is that even possible?
>   * The description states that the client must ignore the field.
>     Shouldn't the client use the value in the field to ensure that
>     the result is sent to the correct client process?
> Am I missing something in this description?  Hit me with the clue-bat.
> Thanks.
> Chris -)-----
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