[cifs-protocol] [REG: 111111580301298 ] DNS partition creation

Tarun Chopra Tarun.Chopra at microsoft.com
Thu Dec 1 17:58:08 MST 2011

Hi Matthieu

I tried reproducing the scenario by provisioning Windows 2k8 R2 as external DNS server, Windows 2k8 R2 as Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and Windows 2k3 Sp2 as 2nd  Domain Controller and didn't observe additional DRSAddEntry packets flowing from 2nd Domain Controller to PDC, capture enclosed. I also replayed TTT trace and seems 2nd Domain controller is receiving LDAP ADD Request packets triggering it to invoke these additional DRSAddEntry packets.

I also created a local repro with SAMBA server as PDC build dated (5th Nov'11) and didn't observe any additional  DRSAddEntry packets, listed below are the steps I performed to add the 2nd domain controller. However, it would be helpful if you can share the network trace of entire scenario (hopefully LDAP packets will be unencrypted) so that I can analyze it in parallel.

Steps to Add 2nd Domain Controller:

1)            Machine was not joined to the existing PDC (test.com)

2)            Selected option "Additional domain controller for an existing domain".

3)            Entered the full DNS name of existing domain controller. (test.com)



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Hello Tarun,

On 22/11/2011 22:42, Tarun Chopra wrote:

> Hi Matthieu - On windows box, I can also see ADDEntry request from 2nd domain controller to 1st domain controller during DCPROMO. By below statement, is it that you are seeing this packet during DCPROMO or after DCPROMO completes and machine restarts ?

You'll see the DsAddEntry during DC promo to create some objects needed for the replication, but my point is for after DCPROMO and not for object related to the to be promoted DC but for the container for DNS



> 3)      Scenario when windows DC w/o DNS is trying to create these partitions. Is it during domain join or replication or something else ?


> So after the DC promo, I see DsAddEntry packet from the second DC to the first one.

So is it "normal" that a 2nd DC tries to create the DNS containers after

joining a domain where DNS zones are not stored in the AD ?





> Thanks.


> Tarun




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> Thanks Matthieu, I am able to load previously shared TTT traces. Will update you as soon as I am done with investigation.




Matthieu Patou

Samba Team


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