[cifs-protocol] [REG:111083100373286] FRS clarification about VVJOIN in FRS

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Hi Matthieu:
I'll help you with this issue and would be in touch as soon as I have an answer.

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Subject: FRS clarification about VVJOIN in FRS

Hello Dochelp,

I have some problems to understand something in the join process related to VVJOIN.

In paragraph " COMM_COMMAND Is CMD_JOINING" we have at the end

After the CMD_JOINED packet is sent:
* If a connection VVJoin needs to be performed, FRS MUST go through the process specified in the following section.
* If a connection VVJoin does not need to be performed, the upstream partner MUST send unknown change orders to the downstream partner based on the downstream partner version vector.

And in paragraph " Connection VVJoin"
FRS MUST perform Connection VVJoin when either of the following conditions is true:
* Last connection session establishment (Join) time of the outbound connection is 1.
During VVJoin, the upstream partner MUST send out a CMD_REMOTE_CO packet for each file

Due to the way FRS1 is redacted I understand that the upstream partner when receiving a packet with a CMD_JOINING (P_IN) it must check what is described at order to determine if should do a "simple" 
join or a VVJoin. Among the condition to determine if the join should be VVJoin I have the impression that the condition "P_IN.COMM_LAST_JOIN_TIME is 1." is always true, as if I understand correctly P_IN referrer to the packet with the CMD_JOINING command and in paragraph  " COMM_COMMAND Is CMD_START_JOIN", which describe how the next packet that is to say a packet with CMD_JOINING, it is said that COMM_LAST_JOIN_TIME must be set to 1. Can you confirm ?

Also I'd like to understand more what "unknown change orders to the downstream partner based on the downstream partner version vector." means, and if possible I'd like to have an example.



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