[cifs-protocol] Errors when doing a DsAddEntry

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Hi Andrew, thank you for your question. A member of the protocol documentation team will be in touch with you soon.

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We have been looking at DRSUAPI/DsAddEntry, and have a few questions.

We are trying to implement subdomain support in Samba4 before the plugfest.

We have been able to generate error cases that do not seem to be 'possible' in the docs.  Can you please clarify exactly what errors this function should be able to return, and document how to avoid these:

in join-s1.txt we have an error that is only listed in the docs when removing a DC from the domain.  

extended_err             : WERR_DS_ROLE_NOT_VERIFIED

This is currently blocking us.  Our only theory is that we must perform a replication cycle before we do this call. 

in join-s1-2.txt we have another error, that we worked around by creating the partitions object before creating the server object.
However, as we need to match the server-side behaviour, we need to know the undocumented circumstances that cause this error.

extended_err             : WERR_DS_NO_CROSSREF_FOR_NC

Finally, is there any documentation of the high-level procedure for creating a subdomain?


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