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   As per MS-FRS1,  A domain MUST have only one NTFRS replica set object of type SYSVOL.   The fRSReplicaSetType 
attribute of a SYSVOL type object MUST be set to 2.   Based on this,   the FRS can go through all the NTFRS Replica Set Objects to find the correct replica set for SYSVOL.    

  Please let me know if this makes sense.



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Hello dochelp,

I've got a question related to initial replication of sysvol, I've noticed that if I join a W2K3 DC to a samba4 domain, where a samba4 DC is already the FRS master and all LDAP entries related to FRS are created, then the new DC will add entries in CN=<name of sysvol 
object>,CN=File Replication Service,CN=System,DC=w2k,DC=domain,DC=tld
and under its own object (in OU=Domain
Controllers,DC=w2k,DC=domain,DC=tld, for instance under CN=S1-W2K3R2,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=w2k,DC=domain,DC=tld).

The question that I have is the following: given the fact that the nTFRSReplicaSet object for sysvol replication can have a different name than "Domain System Volume (SYSVOL share)", and given the fact that fRSVersionGUID and fRSReplicaSetGUID are not used as indicated in NTFRS Replica Set Object and in behavior note <26> (about Section, how a new DC locate the correct replica-set ?

I somehow have the feeling that it will use frsReplicaSetGUID in order to locate the correct replica. If not how ?

Can you explain ?



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