[cifs-protocol] [REG:111082778570440] RE: precision about Parent GUID for FrsRpcStartPromotionParent

Hongwei Sun hongweis at microsoft.com
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   As per the existing documentation and my code review,  the documentation in MS-FRS1 is correct.   This value is returned by the server as per section and it is set to the GUID of local replica identified on the server  by ReplicaSetName, which is one of the input parameters of the function.  

   Please let me know if you  have more questions about this issue.



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Hello Dochelp,

I'm trying to understand what "Parent GUID" is in paragraph FrsRpcStartPromotionParent Message (Opnum 2), it is stated this
"ParentGuid: GUID value that identifies the parent for the inbound connection."

In my traces I have different values of GUID, for instance 013efea8-0000-0000-a8ff-3e01746cbc77, when I try to search all the DCs with something like that ./bin/ldbsearch -H ldap:// -U
administrator%totoTATA123 -b
"<GUID=013efea8-0000-0000-a8ff-3e01746cbc77>" I have no results, so I tend to think that the parent is not an AD object is it a filesystem object ?

Thanks for the info.


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