[cifs-protocol] [REG:111081664438980] RE: Level 257 FindFirst rejected by some Windows servers even though NTLM

Hongwei Sun hongweis at microsoft.com
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   Windows CE is not within the scope of protocol documentation, such as  MS-SMB and MS-CIFS.   Therefore it is understandable that it doesn't behave as specified in the protocol documents.    

   As far as Windows systems, as per MS-CIFS, for Windows NT and earlier, the Find information levels supported are clearly specified

   SMB_INFO_STANDARD                                     0x0001    (LANMAN2.0)
   SMB_INFO_QUERY_EA_SIZE                           0x0002   (LANMAN2.0)
   SMB_INFO_QUERY_EAS_FROM_LIST          0x0003   (LANMAN2.0)
   SMB_FIND_FILE_DIRECTORY_INFO               0x0101   (NT LANMAN)
   SMB_FIND_FILE_NAMES_INFO                       0x0103   (NT LANMAN)

  For Windows 2000 and later ,  in addition to the levels above , the following levels are added as per MS-SMB


  As per 2.2.8 MS-CIFS,  The client MUST map the application-provided [MS-FSCC] information levels to SMB information Levels.   For all other [MS-FSCC] information levels, the client MUST fail the request with STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED.   In some case, the client MUST send a fixed level.   For example, a client that has not negotiated long names support MUST request only  SMB_INFO_STANDARD.  

 Please let us know if you have more questions.




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It looks like Windows CE takes (only?) level 260 but I can't easily prove it without access to a test system (I just have some customer traces) - so how does Windows clients (Windows XP/Vista/7 etc.) determine which FindFirst level to send to these given that the Microsoft server in this case is reporting NT Find and NT SMB support but in practice not supporting most FindFirst levels.

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> Steve,
> One of our engineers will follow-up soon on this inquiry. The case number is 111081664438980.
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> Edgar
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> A user sent me a trace of FindFirst level 257 (0x101 ) failing to 
> Windows CE with NT Status: STATUS_INVALID_LEVEL (0xc0000148)
> even though dialect negotiated was NT LM 012 and that dialect is the only prereq listed in MS-SMB for the level (see page 64).
> How can the client determine under what condition that the server does 
> not support that level - -  and what level to fall back (or move up to higher level)?   Level 257 is pretty basic.
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> Steve


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