[cifs-protocol] Initial replication of sysvol through FRS

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Sat Aug 20 14:19:13 MDT 2011

Hello dochelp,

I've got a question related to initial replication of sysvol, I've 
noticed that if I join a W2K3 DC to a samba4 domain, where a samba4 DC 
is already the FRS master and all LDAP entries related to FRS are 
created, then the new DC will add entries in CN=<name of sysvol 
object>,CN=File Replication Service,CN=System,DC=w2k,DC=domain,DC=tld 
and under its own object (in OU=Domain 
Controllers,DC=w2k,DC=domain,DC=tld, for instance under 
CN=S1-W2K3R2,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=w2k,DC=domain,DC=tld).

The question that I have is the following: given the fact that the 
nTFRSReplicaSet object for sysvol replication can have a different name 
than "Domain System Volume (SYSVOL share)", and given the fact that 
fRSVersionGUID and fRSReplicaSetGUID are not used as indicated in NTFRS Replica Set Object and in behavior note <26> (about 
Section, how a new DC locate the correct replica-set ?

I somehow have the feeling that it will use frsReplicaSetGUID in order 
to locate the correct replica. If not how ?

Can you explain ?



Matthieu Patou
Samba Team        http://samba.org
Private repo      http://git.samba.org/?p=mat/samba.git;a=summary

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