[cifs-protocol] Level 257 FindFirst rejected by some Windows servers even though NTLM

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 12:39:15 MDT 2011

Loosely related question - how do the normal windows desktops clients
determine how to fall back (or move up to newer) infolevels for
FindFirst.   We would normally use SMB_FIND_FILE_ID_FULL_DIR_INFO
(level 0x105 FindFirst) but we end up calling FindFirst level 0x101
(which does not request "uniqueids") since QueryPathInfo level 0x3EE
(QueryFileInternalInfo) gets NT Status: STATUS_INVALID_LEVEL
(0xc0000148) fails.

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 12:56 PM, Edgar Olougouna <edgaro at microsoft.com> wrote:
> [Dochelp to bcc]
> Steve,
> One of our engineers will follow-up soon on this inquiry. The case number is 111081664438980.
> Regards,
> Edgar
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> Subject: Level 257 FindFirst rejected by some Windows servers even though NTLM
> A user sent me a trace of FindFirst level 257 (0x101 ) failing to Windows CE with NT Status: STATUS_INVALID_LEVEL (0xc0000148)
> even though dialect negotiated was NT LM 012 and that dialect is the only prereq listed in MS-SMB for the level (see page 64).
> How can the client determine under what condition that the server does not support that level - -  and what level to fall back (or move up to
> higher level)?   Level 257 is pretty basic.
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> Thanks,
> Steve



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