[cifs-protocol] BKRP question/response

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Wed Sep 29 12:11:06 MDT 2010

  On 29/09/2010 20:45, Nick Meier wrote:
> Good Morning Matthieu,
> The follow are my findings after reviewing the MS-BKRP document.
> Question:
>      BKRP defines two version, v2 and v3.  If a server does not support the version requested by the client, how should the client behave?
> Assumptions:
>      Older versions of Windows support v2, newer versions of windows supports v2 and v3.
> Findings:
>      Section provides a number of points.
>                  Point 2: If the dwVersion is not supported by the server, the server should return
>                                  ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER
>                                  Also, the server must support at least one of the versions.
I read this from the server point of view.
> So, if a client tries one version and ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER is returned, the client is free to try another version if the client supports multiple versions (and the alternate version is enabled on the client).
So basically there is no obligation for the client to try to downgrade 
from version 3 to version 2 right ? What is the behavior of the windows 
client ?
Can you tell us the information if so can it be added as a behavior note ?



Matthieu Patou
Samba Team        http://samba.org

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