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Thanks for your inquiry Matthias,

Someone from our team will follow up with you shortly.

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Hi dochelp team,

MS-ADTS states:
> For the following scenarios, the DC sets additional bits in the 
> systemFlags 
> <http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc220919%28v=PROT.10%29.aspx>
> value of the object created:
> siteLink, siteLinkBridge, nTDSConnection objects, and any object whose 
> parent is a site or subnet object: FLAG_CONFIG_ALLOW_RENAME.
Well, I personally have my doubts: consider the "NTDS Site Settings" 
objects present under each site. Well, on them I don't see any "systemFlags" at all.

I would appreciate if you could explain this a bit more.

Matthias Wallnöfer

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