[cifs-protocol] [REG:110081057234684] Requesting clarification of MS-DNSP data structure DNS_RPC_NAME

Bryan Burgin bburgin at microsoft.com
Wed Sep 8 11:39:27 MDT 2010

I bundled up all my research (including identifying the source in DNS.EXE that is producing this traffic) and filed an inquiry with the protocol architects.


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Hi Bryan,

> I'm touching base to see if you had any feedback from my message last week.

Ah, I was mostly waiting for the documentation on the LDAP storage format of the DNS data. 

> Also, just FYI, I will be at the SNIA conference in two weeks (http://www.snia.org/events/storage-developer2010/) and, since I'm Redmond-based, I'll also be at the Samba Interop Lab the week following.

Ah, great. I'll be at the SNIA conference and then flying over to the Interop Lab as well. I'll be bringing my test environment.

Some thoughts on your previous email:

> I reviewed the SOA.BIN record you produced.  I agree that the contents represent SOA information, but it does not appear to be in the format of a MS-DNSP DNS_RPC_RECORD_SOA structure.  The fixed part (SerialNo, Refresh, Retry, Expire and MinimumTtl) line up.  And, Primary Server and Zone Administrator E-mail follow, but not as DNS_RPC_NAMES.  The issue is more than just WORD v DWORD padding.

I agree. The SOA record contains two RFC1035 domain-name fields. My request was mainly based on my assumption that the storage of DNS data in LDAP was going to be in the same format as the data sent over the wire in the DNSP protocol. Given that an RFC1035 SOA RDATA record has a different order, the DNSP document looked like a better match.

So basically my question boils down to "Where do I find documentation on how DNS data is stored in LDAP?"


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