[cifs-protocol] smbfs mounts in fstab causing ethernet interface lockups

Edsall, William (WJ) WJEdsall at dow.com
Fri Oct 29 09:31:09 MDT 2010

Hello samba list,
 I'm experiencing a strange issue with smbfs mounts. Please help me
troubleshoot this as it is locking up some of our servers.

I have the following mount in fstab:
//servername/remote_folder  /local_folder  cifs   username=<user
here>,password=<pass here>uid=12427,gid=4400  0       0

The purpose is to mount a remote directory for a custom application.
Smbfs mounts were chosen for a specific reason over NFS mountss.

What's happening is, every so often due to unknown circumstances, this
mount will become unavailable and will entirely lock-up the ethernet
interface using it. For our clusters it's the public interface -- the
private will still be available.

After a lazy unmount of the smbfs mount, the interface is immediately

How can I make this mount more friendly so that these lock ups can be

I'm not sure if this dmesg is from the forementioned problem, but I'll
provide it just in case:
 CIFS VFS: No response to cmd 115 mid 15
 CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -11
 CIFS VFS: No response to cmd 115 mid 17
 CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -11

Thanks ahead of time for your assistance!

William J. Edsall 

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