[cifs-protocol] [REG:110100103381162] [MS-NRPC] DsrGetDcNameEx2 (Opnum 34) <172> what does "is set to the message field that is set." mean

Bryan Burgin bburgin at microsoft.com
Fri Oct 1 19:05:58 MDT 2010


The issue below was raised during the IO Lab.  I created the case SR 110100103381162 to track it.  The question that was raised was clarification on what "field is set to the message field that is set" (from below) means.  Someone from my team will follow-up with you


MS-NRPC] DsrGetDcNameEx2 (Opnum 34)
<174> Section
In Windows, if neither the R nor S flags are set in the Flags parameter, the behavior is as follows:

*  If either the DnsHostName or NetbiosComputerName field is not set in the message, the DomainControllerName field is set to the message field that is set.

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