[cifs-protocol] Problem communicating with SPOOLSS, invalid parameter.

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Nov 19 17:27:48 MST 2010

Hi Dochelp,

Hongwei and Nick suggested I post this here,

I'm trying to track down an interoperability bug
with Samba and the Windows 7 print subsystem.

When doing "connect" to a remote printer from
Windows 7 with our latest auto-generated PIDL
code (git master branch) it downloads the
printer driver, then fails with an INVALID_PARAMETER
error dialog box (0x00000057).

Of course there is no such error in the wireshark trace,
or in the Samba logs :-(.

The same code (master) doing the same thing to Windows XP
SP3 works perfectly, so my guess is it's some alignment
or padding check that was tightened up for Win7.

Another data point - running Win7 against Samba 3.3.x
(which uses the old hand-marshalled code) and connecting
to the same printer works perfectly (one more data
point making me think this is an alignment or padding
we're getting wrong in the new PIDL-generated code).

Is there some registry setting or debug setting I
can use to get SPOOLSS.EXE to tell me what call
it's having problems with ? I searched on the
'net for a SPOOLSS equivalent to "debug log level"
but came up empty :-).

Thanks !


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