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   When you open the key with REG_OPTION_LINK flag set, the server will return the handle to the source key.  With a valid handle, client should be able to update the target of the symbolic link by changing the value of SymbolicLinkValue and also delete the key that is referenced by the handle.   As explicitly pointed out in, the SymbolicLinkValue for target link should contain Fully Qualified Name(, which is something like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices.   It is not in the kernel mode string such as \registry\machine\system\MountedDevice.  

   How do you delete the value "SymbolocLinkVallue" ?  using BaseRegDeleteValue as per MS-RRP?  What do you mean by "it didn't work" ?    Do you mean that the value is not deleted or any error is returned ? 

   Please let me know so I can clarify it further.


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Hello Dochelp Team,

my name is Andreas Schneider, I'm a PFIF subcontractor and Samba Team member.

Section of the MS-RRP document describes how to create, open and 
follow symbolic links.

The documentation doesn't describe how to delete these symbolic links. I've 
tried to open the key with REG_OPTION_OPEN_LINK and delete the value 
"SymbolicLinkValue" but it didn't work.

It looks like the target key needs to be saved in kernel mode as described 


Is that true or are user and kernel mode valid now?

Best regards,

	-- andreas schneider

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