[cifs-protocol] Ordering of domain in case of DFS domain referral

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at matws.net
Tue May 18 03:30:36 MDT 2010

Hello dochelp team,

I've got a small question regarding the ordering of domain when 
answering a Domain referral request as described here: Receiving a Domain Referral Request

My questions are:

* in which order the domain should be returned ? if any  (ie. first 
lower domain like samba.corp then au.samba.corp then brisbane.au.samba.corp)
* I understand that nebios/dns name must go in couple, (ie. not return 
first all the dns name then all the netios name, but each pair 
accordingly), but what must appear first NETBIOS domain or DNS domain name ?

Also depending on the answer you'll make on the first point this 
statement might need also amendment:
"MUST give preference to the NetBIOS and fully qualified names of the 
DC's own domain first, and
then give preference to other domains. This ensures that a client in the 
same domain as the
server will always be able to access SYSVOL and NETLOGON paths 

As I understand it didn't state that the own domain of the DC must be 
first, just that if the DC has a choice to make between its own domain 
referral information and another domain then it should choose its own 
first. Am I right ?


Matthieu Patou.

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