[cifs-protocol] [REG: 110062157456375] [MS-ADTS] msDs-supportedEncryptionTypes usage

Edgar Olougouna edgaro at microsoft.com
Thu Jun 24 15:39:35 MDT 2010


I am researching this issue and will update you as soon as I have news.


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Subject: [REG: 110062157456375] [MS-ADTS] msDs-supportedEncryptionTypes usage


I have created case number 110062157456375 for your inquiry regarding msDs-supportedEncryptionTypes usage. One of my teammates will be in touch with soon.


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On Mon, 2010-01-25 at 16:44 +0000, Bill Wesse wrote:
> Good morning Matthieu. Thanks for your patience. Our documentation team has responded to 3 of the four cross-reference requests. Details are shown below, as well as an attached pdf ([MS-ADTS]_Changes.pdf) showing new text for that document.

I've just started looking at this area again, and am very glad to have found this thread, because I think there needs to be a few more links or references here.  There is no information in MS-KILE to indicate that this attribute changes KDC behaviour, for example.

Where should I look to understand how this attribute changes the KDC, other than the blog post (which is not precise regarding differences between AS-REQ and TGS-REQ use of the keys)? 


Andrew Bartlett

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