[cifs-protocol] Text-file Schema for all of 2000-2008R2

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Jun 24 06:21:41 MDT 2010

A while back, Richard Guthrie worked with us to get us text-file schema
for AD.  

I'm currently trying to import the schema for 2000, 2003 and 2003R2 to
assist our testing.  The most recent files I have are Schemas.zip and
SchemaFiles.zip, both posted by Richard to this list. 

This was followed up with further discussion with Hongwei earlier this
year in SRX090109601490 to no result. 

Out of all this, we have self-consistent schema for 2000, 2008 and
2008R2, but this schema does *not* match that on a Microsoft server, and
2003 and 2003R2 schemas we have do not load in our parser.

Before I investigate this further, and before we start again on a long
series of 'fix one silly typo at a time' in what should have been
autogenerated files, can I ask:

What is the canonical location for the text format schema files for AD,
that are the input to the WSPP set?

If there is not a web location, can I get by e-mail a full validated set
in the format matching what we have in our tree:


Andrew Bartlett

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