[cifs-protocol] Need Help with CIFS mount from AIX server to Windows server

mawhonic gran mawhonicgran at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 07:30:53 MDT 2010

I need some help with resovling an issue with being able to mount (CIFS)
from AIX(5.3) server to Windows2003 server.  I am totally new to the
AIX/SAMBA/CIFS world and I'll appreciate your patience :)
Here is my issue:
We have multiple functioning CIFS mounts from AIX(5.3) servers to Windows
2003 (physical as well as VMware servers). We recently converted one of the
Windows2000 servers to VMware and then upgraded it to Windows2003 (IP
address and name of the server were NOT changed), and it appears that now,
we are not able to remount the CIFS mounts going to that server. The error
that we get is to the effect that "confirm user name, password are corrrect
and confirm nsmb0 device is available".
Here is what we have tried so far:
I had the SA run lsdev command and confirmed that nsmb0 is Active.
I have verified that credentials are good (I can map a drive to the same
share on the Windows server from my machine using that ID).
When I looked at the logs on the Windows server, I do NOT see that server is
rejecting authentication request. I
 had the SA run tracert command from the AIX server to the Windows server,
and it is finding the Windows server.

Any help in resolving/troubleshooting will be much appreciated. Also, are
there any logs and their locations that I can check on the AIX server side?

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