[cifs-protocol] Bug in MS-WINSRA section " Name Record"

Bill Wesse billwe at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 29 08:03:46 MST 2010

Good morning Stefan - I am including our below initial response, since I missed CC: dochelp at microsoft.com on the first one.

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Good morning Stefan - thanks for your comments. I have created the below case to track the issue. One of my team members will contact you shortly!

110012953632586 [MS-WINSRA] Name Record Padding field description incorrect

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Subject: CAR: Bug in MS-WINSRA section " Name Record"


I found a bug in MS-WINSRA section " Name Record".

It says:

> Padding (variable): If the Name field is not 4-byte aligned, this 
> Padding field will be added to pad to 4-byte alignment. If the Name 
> field itself is 4-byte aligned, then there is no Padding field. This 
> field MUST be ignored upon receipt.

This is wrong!

The documentation would indicate this:

pad_len = ((offset & (4-1)) == 0 ? 0 : (4 - (offset & (4-1))))

But Windows Servers (at least 2003 SP1 and 2008) use this:

pad_len = 4 - (offset & (4-1));

The difference is the case where the name field is already 4 byte aligned. In that case Windows adds 4 bytes instead of 0 bytes of aligment.

See frame 75 in the attached capture ( is a windows 2008 server and a modified smbtorture).
The name length is 20 and there're 4 extra bytes before the Reserved1 field.


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