[cifs-protocol] repadmin.exe crashing - TTT trace

Hongwei Sun hongweis at microsoft.com
Sat Jan 16 12:00:27 MST 2010


   The problem is the missing of isGlobalCatalogReady attribute in RootDSE in Samba DC.   The repadmin will do a string compare of  the return value of this attribute against "FALSE" to check  if GC is ready.   Since there is no such a attribute defined, the Ldap_get_valueW will return a NULL buffer and thus cause the crash on string comparing function.   Please add this attribute to RootDSE.

   You can check the following KB (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753809.aspx)  for this attribute.  Also it is documented in of MS-ADTS. 

Hope it helps.


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Hi Hongwei,

Erick Nogueira has recently been adding support for DRSGetReplInfo to
Samba, with the aim of making repadmin.exe work against a Samba DC.

Unfortunately repadmin.exe on w2k8r2b is crashing when talking to
Samba. I've extended Ericks work a bit to try to track down the
problem, but I still can't work out why it crashes.

I wonder if you might be able to look at a TTT trace of repadmin.exe?
I've uploaded it here:


The trace was taken on "repadmin /showrepl blu" where "blu" is the
name of a Samba4 DC. The repadmin command was run on a w2k8-r2 box
(build 7600) which was a DC in the domain. It was run as the domain

Perhaps TTT can tell us why it crashes?

Cheers, Tridge

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