[cifs-protocol] 110122106325012 & 110122152819123 dwFlags in dnsRecord; dwReserved non-NULL and Documentation for DNS_TYPE_ZERO

Bryan Burgin bburgin at microsoft.com
Tue Dec 21 16:03:23 MST 2010


Just a bit of quick case housekeeping.  I created cases for the various issues you raised yesterday and dispersed them across the team.  Three of your questions I own and are distributed between two cases:

	110122106325012: Documentation for DNS_TYPE_ZERO; use of dnsNode.dwReserved field
	110122152819123: dwFlags in dnsRecord

I'm going to re-group these issues as:

	110122106325012: Documentation for DNS_TYPE_ZERO
	110122152819123: dwFlags in dnsRecord; use of dnsNode.dwReserved field

This should be transparent and benign to you.  I should have an answer for you Flags/Reserved issue soon and I'm starting my research into DNS_TYPE_ZERO now.


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