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   I just want to check with you to see if  you have any question regarding the newly added documentation for this attribute.  If not, I will close this CAR.  



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  We finished updating the protocol document for the userParameters attribute.   Since this attribute is used by the Terminal Services Terminal Server Runtime Interface, it is documented in [MS-TSTS]: Terminal Services Terminal Server Runtime Interface Protocol Specification (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc248570(v=PROT.10).aspx) , which is a part of MCPP document set.   The information below has been added to the document and will appear in the future release on MSDN.

  The following are the updated sections in MS-TSTS.  I  attached a separate PDF file for your reference.

1.   The table in Section 2.3, Directory Service Schema Elements, was modified to denote that the attributes listed previously are not used by Microsoft Terminal Services and a new attribute, userParameters, was added to the table.

2.  The section 2.3.1,  UserParameters, was added.

3.  The section 2.3.2,   Encoding and decoding PropValue field, was added. 

4.  The section 4.5,   example for Encoding/Decoding, was added

  Please let us know if you need any more information for this topic.



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Dear Dochelp,

The userParameters attribute on a user in AD seems to be a bit of a puzzle. Could you add some docs on it at some stage? Not a really high priority, but we would eventually like to be able to offer admin tools that manage things like session activity timeouts, and it seems that we need to know how to parse and create userParameters to do that.

An example userParameters attribute from w2k8r2 (in base64 form) is this:


the above came from using the windows user admin tool to change the session activity timeout for a test user.

Michael Ströder has also pointed out this page:


which documents a previous effort by the Linux thin client community to work out the format of userParameters. I'm guessing the strange encoding is used to try to keep the attribute as valid UTF8. If you can confirm that the attribute is always valid UTF8 that would be great (as otherwise we might corrupt it during replication with windows).

As I mentioned, this is not a high priority, but it would be nice to know the format at some stage.

Cheers, Tridge

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