[cifs-protocol] Question about [MS-DRSR] section 5.12.2 - prefixMap implementation

Bill Wesse billwe at microsoft.com
Wed Oct 21 10:36:34 MDT 2009

Good afternoon Kamen. This is Bill Wesse from the Protocol Support team. I will be your contact for the case noted below, where you asked about prefixMap implementation differences for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 R2.

SRX091020600112 [MS-DRSR] section 5.12.2 - prefixMap implementation

I will keep you updated with the results of my investigation as details develop.

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I need a clarification about what are the differences between prefixMap implementation for Win2K3 and Win2K8(R2).

Attached you may find:
1. LDIF file to provision AD Schema with some test Attributes - OIDs of those attributes are crafted so that different scenarios could be tested.
2. Log files gathered during execution of Samba's RPC-DSSYNC test against Win2K3 and Win2K8. I am sending the log files as Word documents so it is easy for me to highlight interesting parts from the log files.
  -- prefixMap received is highlighted with 'gray'; newly added entries are highlighted with 'yellow'
  -- newly added object attributes received are also highlighted with 'yellow'
3. For testing I was using:
  -- Win2k3 R2 - Domain functional level = Win 2000 installation
  -- Win2K8 R2 - Domain functional lever = Win 2008 R2
  -- Samba 4 - latest build. Test run is RPC-DSSYNC. 
     Command line for testing: 
     $> bin/smbtorture -Uadministrator%333 --configfile=/usr/local/samba/etc/drsuapi.conf ncacn_ip_tcp:Win_machine_ip[print,seal] RPC-DSSYNC -d1

As you may see, for Win2K3 everything works correctly as described in MS-DRSR, section 5.12.2.
I.e. attribute with attid=0x1B860001 matches prefixMap entry with id=0x00001b86 and thus Attribute OID is correctly decoded as being ''

In Win2k8 log file however, for attid=0x85C6D3B9 matching prefixMap entry should be id=0x00004823 and it is not quite obvious how 0x85C6D3B9 is matched to 0x00004823?

Please, clarify what is the algorithm used under Win2k8 for MakeAttid() and OidFromAttid() functions?

Many thanks in advance.

Kamen Mazdrashki
kamen.mazdrashki at postpath.com

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