[cifs-protocol] salt used for various principal types

Sebastian Canevari Sebastian.Canevari at microsoft.com
Mon Oct 5 16:40:44 MDT 2009

Hi Andrew,

Uf...you worried me for a second, I thought I had missed something!!! :)

So, I'm glad that all the info matches your needs. 

I will comment to the product group about your suggestion for grouping.

Thanks for your help.

I will proceed and close the case now.



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On Mon, 2009-10-05 at 10:24 -0700, Sebastian Canevari wrote:
> HI Andrew,
> I'm not sure I'm following you.
> The information about the trusts is in section 3.3.5. 
> You are stating that the information about the trusts is wrong? 

Nothing - I didn't realise it was buried at the bottom of the second page.  Would it be possible to group all the information in one place?  

(I was expecting a single complete table of 'account type -> salt algorithm', and was caught out by the unexpected split).


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