[cifs-protocol] DS_FLAG Option bits

Sebastian Canevari Sebastian.Canevari at microsoft.com
Fri Oct 2 06:25:32 MDT 2009

Hi Tridge,

Thanks for your inquire.

Someone from our team will be contacting you shortly regarding this request.

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Subject: CAR: DS_FLAG Option bits


We've been looking at the DS_FLAG option bits returned by a w2k8-r2
server in CLDAP (see MS-ADTS section We've found that a
w2k8-r2 domain controller for a single domain in a forest returns

Can you tell us why it doesn't add the DS_DNS_CONTROLLER_FLAG,
DS_DNS_DOMAIN_FLAG and DS_DNS_FOREST_FLAG bits? The description of
those bits would seem to match the windows DC, so we're wondering if
perhaps we've misunderstood them.

In it says:

       - If the server has a DNS name, the DS_DNS_CONTROLLER_FLAG bit is set.

       - If the DnsDomain value specified in the search filter is the DNS name of the default NC,
         the DS_DNS_DOMAIN_FLAG bit is set.

       - If the DnsDomain value specified in the search filter is the forest name, the
         DS_DNS_FOREST_FLAG bit is set.

My test w2k8-r2 DC definately has a DNS name, and the search filter
was for the default NC, and it is the forest name, so I expected all 3
bits to be set.

See http://samba.org/tridge/sniffs/w2k8b-join-w2k8-dc.cap frame
14. The two machines are both w2k8-r2. The DC is

Cheers, Tridge

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