[cifs-protocol] SMB2 mixed lock & unlock requests in a single SMB_LOCK request

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Subject: SMB2 mixed lock & unlock requests in a single SMB_LOCK request


I've come across another SMB2 locking issue that I can't find explicit documentation for in MS-SMB2 (v18.0).

My first question, is whether a single SMB_LOCK request can contain both unlock and lock requests as the LockingAndX command type in SMBv1 could?  The MS-SMB2 document hints that the answer to this question is "no" but it doesn't seem to explicitly state it anywhere.

Section 2.2.26 states: "The SMB2 LOCK Request packet is sent by the client to either lock or unlock portions of a file."

This statement is ambiguous as to whether the "or" is inclusive or exclusive.

In my testing, sending both lock and unlock requests in a single SMB2 locking request returns a STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER.  However, if the requests are ordered such that a unlock structure come first, the unlock request seems to succeed.

The attached pcap, against W2K8R2 shows:

1) Packet 27-28:  A single lock request succeeding on range 0-10.
2) Packet 29-30:  A lock request with unlock(0-10) and lock(10-10) failing with INVALID_PARAMETER.
3) Packet 31-32:  A lock request with lock(0-10) and lock(10-10) succeeding, showing that the previous request, though it returned an error, succeeded in unlocking.

It seems to me the server behavior should be to return STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER without completing any of the lock/unlock requests when they are mixed.  Both the fact that this isn't allowed, and the W2K8R2 behavior deviation should be documented.


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