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Good day Tridge!

I have filed a Technical Document Issue concerning your request for the AD DisplaySpecifier entry lists. This is, of course, similar to Samba's request from last August for obtaining the AD schema in a separate document. I have provided the below link to the Open Specification Support Team blog entry where the information for that request has been made available:

Using the Windows Server Protocols documentation set to better understand the Active Directory Schema

As you noted in your original request, it is certainly feasible to use ldifde to get an instance of this from a running DC. In that frame of reference, I have attached "2003+2008_DisplaySpecifiers.zip[.bin]", which contains example ldif dumps for 2003 and 2008R2(RC1), using an ldifde command similar to the following:

ldifde.exe -f filename.ext -b accountName DOMAIN.NAME Password -s servername -p SubTree -d "CN=DisplaySpecifiers,CN=Configuration,DC=DOMAINNAME,DC=NAME"

The archive also contains a tab-delimited list of the existing DisplaySpecifier subtrees (in DisplaySpecifiers.txt), ordered by number (0401, 0404, etc.), with ISO 639-1 / 3166 information.

Bill Wesse

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We've been having trouble getting AD server administrative tools (such as the users and computers tool) working correctly when using a Samba DC. The problem is that we don't have all the entries from the CN=DisplaySpecifiers,CN=Configuration part of the ldap tree.

To work correctly for english we at minimum need all of the CN=409 entries, but we also want to work correctly with the 23 other languages that AD supports.

The WSPP docs don't seem to contain these DisplaySpecifier entries. The 2.2.1 table in [MS-ADTS].pdf has the mappings from the LCID to the language, but we need the full ldif for the entries themselves.

I think you either need to publish these as a lump of ldif (it would be over 30k lines of ldif I think) or you need to publish an approved tool for WSPP licensees to use to extract the DisplaySpecifier information from a running Windows DC, and make it clear that the output is then available to licensees under the WSPP license terms. We'd be happy to write that tool for you if you like.

Please don't just stick it all in a PDF format in a WSPP update - extracting large lumps of ldif back out of PDFs is pretty nasty :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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