[cifs-protocol] Symbolic link + MS-Windows + samba Share

Jonatas Gouveia jgsilva.sp at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 21:46:36 GMT 2009

Hello Andrew,

I´m researching about SMB shares been using with Linux and Windows Clients
at FIAP, that is a university in Brazil - www.fiap.com.br .
I´ve got your e-mail with the reply from the topic ``Session keys are not
always 16 bytes long`` and I´d like to ask you about the following:
When a MS user  access a shared folder that resides on a Linux Server,  the
size of files that are symbolic links are bigger than the real size of the
file ( Size of the File That the MS-User see = the size of the Symbolic link
+ Size of the Real File).

Please, may you help-me to know if this is a normal behavior and if this is
caused because of the SMB protocol that is in use ? Is there a public
document that I can research about this behavior ?

Best Regards,
Jonatas G. Silva
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