[cifs-protocol] New case: SRX091209600095 Trans2SetPathInfo() returns truncated SMB header

Tim Prouty tim.prouty at isilon.com
Thu Dec 10 12:38:57 MST 2009

On Dec 9, 2009, at 12:31 PM, Bill Wesse wrote:

> This is processed as follows before appearing on the wire:
> If the SrvIsSrvStatus(Status) check passes (which it should, in this  
> case, per the included #defines from cifs.h), the error code is  
> truncated using the SrvErrorClass(Status) macro (also from cifs.h),  
> and the error class is set to SMB_ERR_CLASS_DOS (0x1). The  
> SMB_FLAGS2_NT_STATUS bit is cleared in the response header.Flags2  
> field, and the return context is marked to omit WordCount and  
> ByteCount.

Hmm, I didn't know that there are cases where the WordCount and  
ByteCount are omitted.  Is this the case for all DOS errors?  Is it  
possible to document the cases when they are omitted?  As it is there  
is samba client code that detects an omitted WordCount/ByteCount in  
this situation as an error, so if this is correct server behavior  
we'll need to update the client.

Thank you for your detailed investigation!


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